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Bouyout Daroun: a new standard of living.

December 16, 2016 - 3:34 pm

Bouyout Daroun is a gated community with 13,000 sqm of green space and full amenities only 24 kilometers from Beirut. Designed to promote healthy living, the neighborhood is completely connected by public spaces, open stairs, public lifts, and a bike path. Five minutes from Harissa, 12 minutes from Yassou al-Malak and over 500 meters above sea level, every Bouyout Daroun apartment has an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean. 

The project consists of 151 units ranging in size from 160 to 300 sqm. To maximize the amount of green space in the development, the built up area is 15% less than the permitted area, more than one third of the project’s surface is green space. In addition to the road, the project is also connected by a bike path and open stairways and public lifts surrounded on either side by greenery.

Bouyout Daroun’s architectural philosophy combines modern and traditional. However, your home should not miss out on the digital revolution. From lighting and shutters to kitchen appliances and full-house audio, smart systems are available in all apartments. Access to the community is controlled by a smart gate, and public lighting gets brighter only when needed.  

Since nature belongs to everyone, we intend to preserve it. From energy management and central gas to water conservation and recycling, respect for the environment is an integral part of this development.

Your Bouyout Daroun home comes with an Owner’s Manual so your house is never a mystery. Our customer service team is just one phone call away and is ready to meet any requirement.

Gym obsession or coffee addiction? At Bouyout Daroun, you can hit the gym, socialize in the coffee lounge or relax by the pool. We’ve got your amenities covered. At the foot of the development is 2,400 sqm of retail space including a mini-market, coffee shop, bakery, laundry, nursery, kids playroom with a green area.

Bouyout Daroun is all about top-notch security and smart access, whether you are entering the development, your personal parking area or your own front door. A small chip in your car means you will never have to worry about finding a remote control while you are driving again. Your phone is the key to your smart front door. Once you’re inside, Bouyout Daroun homes only get smarter. 

Zero defects, zero ambiguity, zero unhappy customers and zero hidden costs. From the moment you reserve your new TDHC home, we pledge to make the experience enjoyable, transparent, and informative each step of the way.

Think all new homes are the same? Think again.


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